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Michelle Obama Denies Pregnancy Rumors

Public in the USA have speculated over the last few weeks whether Michelle Obama the first lady is pregnant. They suggested she was carrying a “baby bump” and were in anticipation of a new arrival in the white house.

But Mrs Obama quickly resolved the situation via a chat to Opera Winfrey (featured in Opera’s magazine O) and said:

“I was like ‘baby bump?’ As hard as I work on my abs,” Michelle joked to Oprah in the April issue of O.

“Here’s the scoop: Not pregnant . And not planning on it,” she added.

Must be so hard being in the public eye, i’m sorry but Michelle Obama  doesn’t look remotely pregnant, come on guys!

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GMTV presenter Kate Garraway pregnant with second child

Kate Garraway, the GMTV presenter, is expecting her second child with her psychotherapist husband Derek Draper, the couple have announced

I am so behind the times, i just heard that Kate Garraway is going to have another baby. She is a huge advocate of breastfeeding which can only be a good thing, as being a celebrity it can bring a greater awareness to the benefits of breastfeeding.

The couple have been married for four years and already have a daughter, Darcey, who will turn three in March.

The new arrival is due late this summer and the pair said Darcey is excited about having a sibling to play with.

In a joint statement, Garraway and Draper said: “We’re over the moon to be having another baby and Darcey is very excited about having a new brother or sister to play with”

We wish Kate all the best in her pregnancy:)

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