Breastfeeding Tops

Not Long Until Our Maternity T-shirts Are In Vogue magazine

March 5th 2009 and Mama Feelsgood Maternity Tees are going to appear in UK Vogue magazine and we are totally stoked. Yes it is a small appearance but hey baby it’s Vogue and our maternity tops are going to be in there!

I watched Sex And The City the movie last night and in it Carrie Bradshaw appeared in Vogue magazine and it brought it home to me how amazing it really is to be approached by the to appear in the feature they are running.

I could tell you which maternity tops the guys at Vogue have picked out to appear (i created a short list for them to choose from) but that would ruin the surprise, so we are gonna make you guys wait ha ha.

Who knows our breastfeeding tops might make it in there soon. We’ve had loads of really fabulous feedback about our maternity & nursing tees which is amazing , and i recently had the most amazing letter which has gone up on the wall of my office, next to it soon will be the Vogue maternity article!!