Nursing clothes for summer

OK so if you weren’t breastfeeding what kinda clothes would you wear for summer?

And now because you are breastfeeding are the clothes you wear much different?

At the moment most of our short sleeve nursing tops are on sale so it’s a pretty good time to get some; i was just trying to think if what i wore when breastfeeding was that much different to what i wear now? To be honest i’ve never really been much of a dress wearing ( bit of a tom boy) but i did wear a dress a lot when i was pregnant and i must admit i did wear our Money Penny nursing dress a lot , although i did put a pair of leggings on underneath it ( i had a bad experience once at a funeral… dress in knickers time lol , would have been funny but wasn’t really the right time !)

With our nursing dress you get easy access to breastfeed by lifting up the empire band on the dress.

We do have a Money Penny nursing top too which has long sleeves, i found this quite good in the summer too only because i get really bad sunburn and it was nice to have something to keep the sun off my arms, but again i do have the complection of a corpse so !!

We are just planning our our new range for the spring so if there is something you would really like to see for the breastfeeding mother just let us know.


Breastfeeding Tops

Mama Feelsgood pink summer breastfeeding top short sleeve- on sale today

Just in time for the fabulous weather we are doing a 1 day special sale on our pink short sleeve nusring T-shirt. This is 1 breastfeeding top you will want to go out and about and use.

Really is a fantastic colour nursing top for the summer, will totally put you in the mood to chill out, sit back and relax….yeah ok we know mums don’t get alot of time for relaxation but who knows!!

We also carry on-line the breastfeeding pink shirt with various funky graphic prints, one of my favourites being our Island breastfeeding top

So have fun in the sun this summer (don’t forget to cream up and that means yoou too & not just your kids) our nursing tops help maintain your privacy whilst out 🙂

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