Nursing clothes for summer

OK so if you weren’t breastfeeding what kinda clothes would you wear for summer?

And now because you are breastfeeding are the clothes you wear much different?

At the moment most of our short sleeve nursing tops are on sale so it’s a pretty good time to get some; i was just trying to think if what i wore when breastfeeding was that much different to what i wear now? To be honest i’ve never really been much of a dress wearing ( bit of a tom boy) but i did wear a dress a lot when i was pregnant and i must admit i did wear our Money Penny nursing dress a lot , although i did put a pair of leggings on underneath it ( i had a bad experience once at a funeral… dress in knickers time lol , would have been funny but wasn’t really the right time !)

With our nursing dress you get easy access to breastfeed by lifting up the empire band on the dress.

We do have a Money Penny nursing top too which has long sleeves, i found this quite good in the summer too only because i get really bad sunburn and it was nice to have something to keep the sun off my arms, but again i do have the complection of a corpse so !!

We are just planning our our new range for the spring so if there is something you would really like to see for the breastfeeding mother just let us know.


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Need a nursing dress for a wedding?

OK so your best pals from way are getting married , you’ve not long had your baby and you need a super cute dress to breastfeed in that won’t cost the earth but has great functionality and doesn’t make you feel like your wearing something from you nans wardrobe !

You no longer have to worry because you are reading this and we can help you out; no seriously we can, we have our very lovely and very functional Money Penny breastfeeding dress

Money Penny Nursing Dress

Made from a really good quality viscose spandex mix (95% viscose 5% spandex) and available in delish violet colour or black it can be worn to the wedding during the day and then rocked up with accessories for the evening party too . It doesn’t scream I AM A BREASTFEEDING DRESS , people will actually like your dress rather than think you are making do with what you could find.

Here is how the breastfeeding dress works:

How Nursing dress works

It lifts up from the empire line and has a kinda v-neck design going on under neath so these can easily be moved to one side whilst still keeping you covered. Because it lifts up from the empire line it keeps your tummy totally covered and also helps your boobage from being on show, Your babies head will help cover your boob along with the top layer of the nursing dress.

Here’s our black Money Penny nursing dress:

Black Money Penny nursing dress

Money Penny Black breastfeeding dress

I know some people might not want to wear their breastfeeding clothes after they stop breastfeeding thier child but this is one cool dress and can be worn after you stop nursing. Great for christmas parties and beyond this really is one versitile dress.

Any way have a great wedding and if you do buy one and wear it somewhere special don’t be shy email us a picture we would love to see 🙂