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Breastfeeding tops for summer

I know i know it’s not summer yet here in the UK but i have to start planning out my summer range of breastfeeding tops and am looking for inspiration.

It’s always so hard to tell just what our summer is going to be like, as i remember from last year there wasn’t that many days were there when it was sunny? Although i can remember working up quite a sweat when i had my big delivery of new breastfeeding tops and being on my own.

This is the picture of me afterwards :

Yeap i was pretty hanging (i also managed to hit myself in the eye with one of the boxes so had a bit of an eye bleed going on in this picture, hmmm attractive my husband is 1 lucky man lol) . I had such a stress on that day, literally hundreds of boxes all containing my lovely nursing shirts (all of which i love…yeap i’m a saddo) , a really knarky lorry driver who was on my case right from the start , telling me he wanted all his pallets back and like he wanted them yesterday (all my boxes were on the pallets hence my stress) ; and all the boxes were on the bottom level and my warehouse space is on the top floor!! Normally i have Matt and some of his friends but that day i was all on my own. Well i say on my own Erin was withm e but my mother in Law helped out with looking after her 🙂

SO what designs do you guys want for the summer?

I have some ideas but it’s really hard to know if they will be a huge hit or a flop! I admit i do like some of our current nursing tops more than others, but not all the ones i am mad on sell really well; maybe they look different in person and different on-line??? I really need to get our nursing tops into some independent maternity store here in the UK but the sad thing is there aren’t too many of them. We’ve had just in the last week 4 emails from ladies who all want to take a look at our nursing tops but there aren’t any store available. Maybe i should just go for it and email John Lewis ?  We have 1 shop i know of here in Bristol which sells nursingwear but it will only take clothes if they are organic so that is a no for us . If you know of any independent stores near you please let us know and we will get on the case.

So back to summer bretasfeeding tops, we are shortlisting our new designs, and will be facebooking about them soon, so as always if you want to be a part of things either email us, leave a comment or facebook us x





Breastfeeding Tops

Great Nursing top for the summer

Whoa the hot weather is back here in the UK, i can’t believe it, it’s June and it;s actually hot here!!

So Make the most of it, and get out there and enjoy (especially with the summer school holidays coming up you’ll be getting out and about with other children), our Pink short sleeve nursing tees are just the ticket , lovely summery colour and they prevent you from flashing the nation when you breastfeed!

Above is our Mama Surf Pink nursing top , great laid back vibe about it, nearly makes me wanna pick up a surf board and get out there….well maybe not quite that energetic but it makes me feel summery anyway!!! Fistral beach in Newquay here we come 🙂

Our Mama Surf breastfeeding top is also available in other colours : Dark Grey short SLeeve

And we also have it available in a long sleeve nursing top in dark grey too.

So just goes to show the sun comes out and you can get out there and enjoy it and look good and breastfeed in comfort & Stlye

Breastfeeding Tops

Summer nursing top sale – Music Sounds Better With You

Wow the weather has gone crazy this weekend in a good way and it;s well hot.

So now is time to get out and about (not forgetting the sun cream and sun covers for the little ones of course!) so to celebrate we have put our very summery Music SOunds better With you nursing T-shirt in pink  on sale for a VERY good price of £9.99.

Hey this hot weather won;t be around for ever and neither will our sale on this nursing top so grab yourself a little slice of funk now while you can. 

Check out our other funky nursing tops :

Short sleeve nursing tees

Long sleeve nursing tops

Breastfeeding Tops

Mama Feelsgood pink summer breastfeeding top short sleeve- on sale today

Just in time for the fabulous weather we are doing a 1 day special sale on our pink short sleeve nusring T-shirt. This is 1 breastfeeding top you will want to go out and about and use.

Really is a fantastic colour nursing top for the summer, will totally put you in the mood to chill out, sit back and relax….yeah ok we know mums don’t get alot of time for relaxation but who knows!!

We also carry on-line the breastfeeding pink shirt with various funky graphic prints, one of my favourites being our Island breastfeeding top

So have fun in the sun this summer (don’t forget to cream up and that means yoou too & not just your kids) our nursing tops help maintain your privacy whilst out 🙂 maternity & nursing tops

Breastfeeding Tops

Summer nursing / breastfeeding tops for 2009

Wow it’s May and summer is approaching so ladies if you are wondering what gorgeous nurisng wear is available for the 2009 summer season then look no further:

Our funky Island breastfeding t-shirt in pastel pink is hot favourite for this summer. Really funky graphic print is perfect for the summer and the pink is right on trend.

So you can go out in the sun and not have to take any extra scarfs or cover ups with you because you will be kept well covered in our breastfeeding top and look fabulous too!

Be warned our short sleeve breastfeeding tops both with graphic print and plain breastfeeding t-shirts are proving to be well popular so to avoid dissapointment get in early!!


Now who said breastfeeding can’t be funky! funky breastfeeding and maternity t-shirts