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Summer nursing top sale – Music Sounds Better With You

Wow the weather has gone crazy this weekend in a good way and it;s well hot.

So now is time to get out and about (not forgetting the sun cream and sun covers for the little ones of course!) so to celebrate we have put our very summery Music SOunds better With you nursing T-shirt in pink  on sale for a VERY good price of £9.99.

Hey this hot weather won;t be around for ever and neither will our sale on this nursing top so grab yourself a little slice of funk now while you can. 

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Breastfeeding Tops

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We thought it was about we spread the word a little about how fabulous our nursing tops are!! 

Not that we are big headed, but we are just super passionate about them and wanted to get the word out to as many people as possible. This is one thing i can’t get use to, you’ve got to say how great your product is when someone asks, and i truly do thing our brand and our nursing clothes are fabulous but i am a modest person! I think it might have something to do with being British? I have alot of american friends and if they have something good they scream from the roof tops about it. Here in the UK i think we are abit more reserved. What do you think?

There are bigger things in the pipeline for Mama Feelsgood, can’t mention right now but they are all good 🙂

Everyone take care in this heat, i think the UK is going through a weather crisis at the moment!!!

& don’t forget if you would like a nice summer breastfeeding tee our pink nursing tees are just the ticket 🙂