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Breast feeding tops on sale: Neptune Surf

Neptune Surf breast feeding T-shirt

I don’t know about you but today here in Bristol it’s a lovely day, quite hot really. So with this bonkers weather that we having ie one day it is hot and the next it’s cold we thought we would put our surf style nursing top in sale , so here’s our Neptune surf nursing T-shirt.

It’s quite unusual you can get a lush breast feeding top like this for such a cheap price, but we are moving premises and need to reduce the amounts of boxes we lift ha ha, so you;d really be helping us out by buying one!

Here’s a little description of the top:

Just think sunshine,surf and the waves lapping around your feet….WAKE UP yeah you were dreaming again ha ha. Don’t ask us about the name of this nursing shirt….it’s a long story!

You can’t even tell it’s a nursing top from looking at it, so keep wearing it for as long as you like, don’t feel you have to only wear when you are breastfeeding.

The same applies to all our breastfeeding tees.

  • 100% quality jersey cotton top shirt
  • 95% cotton 5% spandex undershirt
  • Designed to fit AFTER pregnancy

·     machine washable

  • size’s 8 – 18 available
  • All our breast feeding T-shirts work on the same nursing design:

It is 2 shirts in 1. The top t-shirt is just like a regular tee, and below is a hidden under vest with nursing openings on both sides. When you want to feed your baby you simply lift the top tee and move the undervest slightly to use the nursing openings. Keeps your tummy covered and helps hide you chest!