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Labour / Birthing pool used in the apprentice – Inflatable birth pool in a box

Wow i have had loads of requests from friends if i new which birthing pool was used in The apprentice last week when they went to the London Excel Baby show.

I said hey i sell breastfeeding t-shirts not birthing pools !! But i am a nice person so if any of your guys are intersted too here is the link to The Birth Pool In A Box

Here is a few of the benefits of the birthing pool as taken from their website:

fantastically comfortable and welcoming

  • has handles in all the right places
  • has a built-in seat (Regular model) for bonding with baby after birth
  • is a snap to clean up with its included disposable liner
  • has a size that is right for you and your place of birth
  • can be adjusted to the right height for you with its 3 independent chambers
  • is fit for purpose: certified by medical device regulators in Europe and the USA. Evidenced by the CE mark.
  • is #1: over 8,000 births a year are in a birth pool in a box
  • is the only birth pool tested and approved for sale by Boots and Mothercare
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    Breastfeeding Tops

    BBC1 -The Apprentice do The Baby Show

    Tomorrows (wednesday 20th May) episode of BBC 1’s The apprentice featuresĀ both Empire and Ignites teamsĀ having to pitch products at The Baby show.

    If you don’t wanna know which products they choose to sell don’t read on but:


    Rocking Horse, Hand casts and birthing pool


    Pushchair, Thudguard, and baby grows,

    I found on Flickr a lady whom actually spotted the Apprentice filming there, take a look, her review is pretty cool too.

    Apparently Empire put a notice up saying off to lunch and that was at one of the peak times of The Baby show, so maybe that might be an indication as to whom is going to win?

    I saw an advert for this on BBC with James in a birthing pool and i gotta say he made me laugh. I am going to watch with great interest tomorrow.

    who do you think is going to get the boot?