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The Leaky Boob breastfeeding help and advice

One of our fab customers recommended The Leaky Boob facebook page to us (Thanks Shelley)  and it’s really cool. It’s a really good place for mums to get together (or mums to be) and get advice about breastfeeding and lots of other things too. Within about 1 minute of readingthe posts they get on their facebook page i learnt that you can start breastfeeding again after you stopped ie re-lactate , i never knew that. I just thought once your milk had dried up that was that.

The leaky boob also has a blog and there is a forum although their facebook page is really busy and seems a really cool place to meet other breastfeeding ladies from around the world. I think the site is AMerican based so this makes it really cool because if you are up in the night and need some advice you can go on-line and people seem to there all the time and really do offer good advice.

Breastfeeding i found can be a lonely business sometimes, so to find other people and get a bit of a community feel is really cool and helps .

Check them out and let me know what you think