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So hard finding babies names….. how did you find your babies name?

OK so i am expecting a baby this march and have just started thinking about names . In general i think there are a lot of boys names that i really like and my husband and i have short listed a few that we both like but girls names are mega difficult i find to choose from. I feel a bit bad because one just hasn’t sprung to mind, but with our surname being Jeans it’s got to be the right name; i love the name James but James Jeans just doesn’t sound right!

How did you choose your babies name? Any good tips you could share to find one? Sometimes at the end of TV programmes i check out the people who worked on the show just to get a list of names. 

Here’s some lists of names i’ve found already:

Popular names from the 1950’s USA 

Girls names: 

More girls names:

Boys names:

more boys names


Seems crazy that there can literally be 100’s of names and yet 1 doesn’t jump out. Don;t know i would do if o was expecting twins!!