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Trend setting breast feeding clothes

It’s really cool when someone describes you as a trend setter and this week that’s what our breast feeding tops have been called twice.

It’s kinda weird because we really love retro (I’m watching The Fresh Prince as I write this, I love fresh prince really cracks me up and Carltons dance is a classic) and 1950’s style so to be called a trend setter is preeeeettyy cool.

Sometimes I think if you really want to make a change you have to stick your neck out, take a chance and hope people see things the same way you do. Personally ( and this is just me) hated the mumsy maternity & nursing clothes available when I had my girls, and wanted to feel like me again and get up an put something I actually wanted to wear on and know for a fact I could breast feed in it, and also breast feed in it without showing everyone what I got!

my youngest daughter had colic when she was about 5 weeks old and she hasn’t for around 5 weeks and it knocked me for 6. My eldest daughter never had it so it took a while to guess what it was and I can remember no matter how much I rocked her she would be up crying all night and I mean all night. Even my singing if shiny happy people didn’t make an inpact (just for the record I cannot sing and Matt says the cats flock to our house when I do try !) . So for 5 weeks I just wanted something I knew I could throw on , look good, look like myself and feed her easily that and not need to remember to take anything out with me when I did Russle up enough energy to go out.

So it was pretty cool I owned a nursing clothes company! Now I know not everyone is gonna rock our style, I guess that’s why there are so many clothing brands in the world but I am honestly so chuffed at the support we have had so far , and we are making plans for the future that will see new n
Breast feeding clothes designs, and new products to help mums in their breast feeding journey.

We are spreading our wings and Mama FeelsGood nursing clothes wil be available in many places around the world, which is totally exciting and something I am super proud of.