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New Tattoo Owl breastfeeding top

So over the next couple of weeks we will be expanding our range of breastfeeding clothing and adding to our nursing T-shirt designs. First up is our Tattoo Owl long sleeve breastfeeding top in light grey .

Tattoo Owl Nursing Top

It’s really cool that all our breastfeeding graphic Tees are being printed here in Bristol, when i drop our shirts off there to be printed i always meet someone new and cool to talk to as the print shop is in a busy part of Bristol city , in a kinda arty area so everyone is super friendly which is really nice. Working on your own which i do is great but i do get lonely! I do have a tendency to talk a lot sometimes and i’ve noticed that when customers ring up with a query i tend to keep them chatting for a bit….. although i gotta say you guys are really nice and do tend to like to have a chat too!

Matt and I are putting plans together to improve Mama Feelsgood, and move it on a bit, both in product range and taking it to a wider audience. We know our breastfeeding clothes are really lush and loads more people should know about them so we are going to do something about it. I had an important meeting this week which really opened my eyes to things, and as the song goes i can see clearly know the rain has gone!!

Well enough about me , back to the breastfeeding T-shirts…..check out our newest graphic tee and let us know what you think:)

Liz x

Breastfeeding Tops

Mama FeelsGood nursing tees on Facebook – come say hi

OK so we have a fan page on Facebook, here is the link if you want to check us out 

Would be totally cool for you guys to become fans, check out whats happening and maybe even post some pictures of you wearing a Mama FeelsGood nursing top , that would be totally FAB 🙂 

We are going to try and organise competitions to win one of our Nursing tops on a regular basis so if you are feeling lucky keep our eyes peeled on our facebook page for details. Would be great to have some interaction with all the new mums out there, it can kinda get lonely working on your own (although i do have my 9 week old daughter with me at the moment but the conversation is pretty one way at the moment!).

I’ll try and update our facebook page more with what is currently going on with the company too and where things stand in realation to new designs and stock etc.

Breastfeeding Tops

Summer nursing tops are here ! – funky short sleeve breastfeeding tops

Woo hoo the sun has finally started to shine here in the UK (well here in Bristol it’s gorgeous weather, so hope it;s just as nice where you are), so now is the time you are gonna want to get out and about with your little one. What can make this easier for breastfeeding mothers? Why a lovely summer nursing top from Mama ……. OK maybe this isn;t a subtle sales pitch but honestly our nursing tops are fab and just to make your life that little bit easier why not try one?

The picture shown is our Rock Mama Short sleeve nursing top in black (also comes in dark grey too)

Super funky nursing clothes are really hard to come by and we have lots of really cool casual nursing tops to offer, lots of them are currently available in our sale section too.  So if you are like me and a breastfeeding mother and know when your baby starts to cry they want feeding there and then ( i have first hand experience of being in M&S today and my 2 week old little girl needed feeding, and man she let me know she was hungry and all the people in the store knew too!! She has a fine set of lungs on her when she wants too. But of course i was wearing my Mama FeelsGood nursing top, in fact it was this Rock Mama breastfeeding top, the black does wonders to make you look slimmer! it made the whole process of breastfeeding in the childrens school clothing section loads more descrete ) !

Have fun in the sun and don;t forget your sun lotion, you dont wanna burn.

Breastfeeding Tops

Want a trendy nursing top that doesn’t cost lots?

Hey breastfeeding fashion doesn’t have to cost a lot, and it is possible to get good quality nursing clothes for a fraction of the price.

We generally have a sale on one of our nursing tops at one time or another and this week is your lucky week because we have a number of breastfeeding tops on sale 🙂

Our super funky Short sleeve Kat nursing T-shirt is on sale at the mo :

Good quality nursing shirt with a double under layer opening – as shown here:

So grab a little piece of heaven while you can for a lot less of the price:)

No seriously all our nursing tops have been designed for the breastfeeding mother , making them durable yet soft to the touch, so they feel nice on your skin and your babies. The feedback we have received about our breastfeeding tops has truly been really really great, and we are working on producing a new line of nursing tops in the very near future, so come try our breastfeeding T-shirts and tell us what you think.

With the warmer months coming up (fingers crossed , fingers crossed) and you’ll wanna get out and about a lot more our short sleeve nursing tops are perfect for life on the move as a mother whom breastfeeds. We’ve had feedback from breastfeeding mothers whom have said our nursing tops have given them the confidence to go out and breast feed in public which is truly a great thing. No more having to worry your baby will need feeding when you are out because our breast feeding tops really do give you the confidence to do whats natural whilst not having to be a hermit!

Have a great weekend ladies 🙂


Breastfeeding Tops

Music sound better with you – funky nursing top

Introducing our new The Music Sounds Better With You nursing Tee

Really great for these colder months as the long sleeves will keep you nice and toasty and the funky happy print will cheer you up if you are feeling a little sad due to lack of sunshine! This nursing top comes in Dark grey and Pink in the long sleeve version , we also carry it in our website in a short sleeve nursing top too , available inDark Grey and  Pink 

This design for our nursing shirt came about due to the loss of a very good friend of mine- don;t want to depress anyone but Kerri YOu’ll always be remembered and never forgotten. Sometimes it’s really nice to look back and remember the good and mega fun times you’ve had the privelidge to experience with someone, and the same goes for when you’re baby is still a baby. They are such precious times that you won’t ever get back so make the most of them while you have it! Blimey i sound sad today ha ha

So the whole vibe and aim of the Music Sounds Better with You  breastfeeding tee is  to make you feel happy, and chirpy and basically be glad to be here!!!

Take care, Liz

Breastfeeding Tops

mama Rock nursing top

Thought i would profile each of the nursing shirts over the next couple of weeks, just so if you are interested in why we have chosen these ideas or our way of thinking (which i can assure you sometimes is Very off the wall!).

Here’s our ROck Mama Nursing top 

Its available in Grey and Black and in short sleeve too . So lots lots of choice !

This nursing shirt for us is very 80’s early 90’s inspired, kinda Guns N ROses style, hey a rocker chick kinda tee but for women who wanna breastfeed!

There’s a lot going on in the graphic print which makes it a lot more interesting to look at, and for sure it’s not an in your face shirt which screams “im only wearing this because i,m breastfeeding” ha ha.

Ever since day 1 of launching this website i have had a whole range of emails from women, the majority being thanks so much , the tops give me far more confidence to go out and breastfeed in public, all the way to abusive ones!!  Mama Feelsgood is a clothing line run and created by a woman for women. Yes i have had children of my own (currently pregnant with no 2) and i’m here just to offer a little something that wasn’t available before.

Seems to be that a lot of things in the maternity clothing market especially nursing top / breastfeeding clothes are either kinda old looking or if remotely nice really expensive, so thats why i started Mama Feelsgood, just to provide ladies with another option really. I know at the moment literally all our tops are very causal and this is because of a couple of factors : personally after i had my daughter and now all the time i dress far more casual so it was partially my personal choice, but also as with any new business it’s cost too. Developing a range of clothing is far more expensive than i ever thought!

As time goes on and more people are finding our site i am developing a range of nursing tops that are not solely T-shirts and can offer a sophisticated look too. So this won’t be happening until 2010, but  it’s an exciting development for us.