Breastfeeding Tops

Are you a Facebook or Twitter kinda person?

I gotta admit i am into both, although it goes in waves of how much i use them lately. We do have a Mama Feelsgood page in facebook although i will admit to being a little slack of updating it, but please come and say hi on it, would be cool to hear from you.

Twitter i think is a really useful site, you can get great up to the minute news, and the amount of advice and pointers to great pregnancy and breastfeeding advice is wicked. It’s not just companies who are dishing out the advice, charities and organisations are there too , it’s just hunting them down on there and following them( that sounds very stalker like, but you know what i mean!). Twitter is great for breaking news too so if you want to keep your finger on the pulse it’s a good place to start. The BBC tweet and a lot of other big organisations.

Hope you all have  a great weekend, i am off to my husband friends wedding  today (Hi Bob!) so hope you all have a relaxing weekend whatever you choose to do 🙂