Breastfeeding Tops

November madness all nursing tops under £20

nursing tops

Our new colour nursing tops are here,my favourite is the lovely rich looking burgundy colour one (especially our mothership print looks amazing on it ) ; I’ve made the rest of november a special month as all our nursing tops are under £20.

I totally understand the need for reasonable priced nursing wear, i am a mum, i’m not rich, i totally get you ! I hand print each top, it’s a very hands on company, i love doing this but one thing that gets to me and i promise i try my absolute best to provide my nursing tops are THE best price. I have the shirts manufactured in small batches so this reflects in the price i pay for them (high !) , all shirts are made in Europe so you know no slave labour marlarky has been involved, and you can be confident the shirt on your back has been made with respect and care.

The more we sell the cheaper than can be, so tell your friends, spread the word !

Celebrity breastfeeding

Celebrity loves our Kat nursing top

Happy days ladies, we just had some great news about our funky Kat nursing top , seems like a celebrity in the USA has been given one and loves it .

We’re not too sure if we are allowed to say whom it is at the moment, due to confidentuality etc but if we are given the go ahead we’ll let you know 🙂 We’ll just have to leep our fingers crossed and hope she gets papped wearing it ha ha. But seriously we are super pelased our breastfeeding shirts are going down a storm, and internationally too…thats fabulous 🙂

So ladies every one of our customers is a star to us ( did that sound mega cheesy, apologies) and we’d love to get pictures of you guys wearing your Mama Feelsgood nursing Tees. We can put them up on our blog, it will be wicked.

Just a sneek insider info too, we are launching more graphic nursing T-shirts around September time, so all you breastfeeding ladies keep tuned !