Visitors after having your baby ?

This can be a sensitive subject because of course people will be happy for you when your baby finally arrives and will want to share things with you, but straight after you’ve given birth can be a very personal time for you and your husband and other children which you might well want to be on your own……. so how do people feel about seeing visitors after having a baby and how soon is too soon?

I’ve heard stories of mothers in law of phoning the hospital for updates and basically camping outside the delivery suite waiting to swoop in and be the first to see their new grandchild, whilst some people have said they have been a little offended by people not coming to visit! So i suppose each of us is very different in what we find acceptable. Personally i’m more of a give me my own space kinda person, if labour is anything like my first child then at least give me a day to get over it! I can’t say i was too organised in my apparel after having my daughter and hadn’t got the hang of breasfeeding at all so the thought of flashing my post baby body at people didn’t fill me with enthusiasm !! I mean it’s a major life change let me have some time for it to sink in.

Also it’s the please don;t wake the baby, especially first time around i didn’t have a clue about how to deal with a screaming baby so when she did get to sleep it counted my blessings until there was a knock at the door and they person wanted to pick them up…arrhhh

BLimey sounds all very horrible, and i didn;t mean to be at all . I found a great blog which brings this subject up, have a read and see what you think 🙂