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New breastfeeding shirts – feature in Pregnancy & Birth Magazine

So October has been and gone and it’s been a crazy month here are Mama FeelsGood ; we are still trying to get our new website up and going , it will function much better than our current one for example you will be able to view more shots of our nursing shirts and be able to zoom in so i know a lot of you wanted this so you could see the graphic prints a lot better. We will be bale to accept Paypal which i good because so many people use it now and we will have different shipping rates so it gives you more choice over how you want to receive your goods.

Thing is it takes forever and with getting our new range of breastfeeding tops photographed and edited and then loaded onto the old site ie this one takes much longer than you think. So hopefully this time next week the new site should be up, although i did say that last week 😦

Another fabulous thing which totally rocked my world, we were picked up by Pregnancy & Birth magazine as the pick of the web for November and were featured in their magazine (page 20 ladies). So good times !