Thrown off: Bristol mother ordered off bus for breast-feeding her baby

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A young mum was thrown off a Bristol First bus – for breast-feeding her baby.

The driver stopped the bus and told her to stop feeding her six-week-old daughter or get off. And when she refused he threatened to call the police.

Amy Wootten, of Stockwood, was on her way home from the city centre on Tuesday when she was forced off the 54 bus in the rain.

She was ordered off the bus in Wells Road and took an £8 taxi for the rest of her journey home.

The 25-year-old said the driver told her a complaint had been made about her “indecent exposure”

Miss Wootten was feeding Emily at about 4.30pm on a packed bus when the driver threatened to call the police if she did not do as he asked.

She said: “The bus driver told me someone had said I was indecently exposing myself and said stop or get off my bus.

“It was like he was suggesting I was doing horrendous things. But I was being quite discreet about it.

“I couldn’t believe it. I explained that I was only feeding my baby and not exposing myself and the driver said ‘can you get off my bus please’.

“We were told to get off the bus, in the rain, at a stop without a shelter and I was still a 20-minute bus ride away and couldn’t have walked home. I felt completely and utterly humiliated, because it was a packed bus.”

The learning support assistant said no one raised concerns with her about the breast-feeding and the first she knew that anyone was concerned was when the driver spoke to her.

Miss Wootten said: “If I hadn’t fed her, Emily would have screamed and we would probably have had more complaints from people on the bus.

“I was showing a tiny bit of breast, but is it any different to showing your arm or your foot?

“I was absolutely horrified but more cross for my baby girl.”

Miss Wootten said she has fed Emily on buses before and although another passenger had made a comment there had not been such a reaction from the driver.

She relies on bus travel because she cannot drive.

Women are encouraged to breast-feed by the NHS because it has protective effects on them and their children.

There is an initiative in Bristol to encourage women to breast-feed and restaurants, cafes and other public places have signed up to show they welcome breast-feeding mums. Bristol was also the first city in the country to complete one of the stages for the Unicef Baby Friendly award.

The breast-feeding development manager for NHS Bristol, Nicki Symes, said: “There are about 200 venues around the city that welcome breast-feeding.

“We have not approached transport providers as part of the scheme but it is something we will need to do.

“I feel very sorry for this mother, as we support a woman’s right to breast-feed in public.

“It is really disappointing that this has happened and I would be happy to speak to the bus company about their policy.”

Miss Wootten complained to First yesterday and the company apologised for the incident and sent her flowers and gift vouchers.

She said: “I would like them to have a bit of tact and compassion.

“I have really struggled breast-feeding Emily and had so many problems but was determined to do the right thing for her.

“It just makes you really reluctant to feed in public.

“Emily is my first baby and it is only in the last two weeks I have had the confidence to feed her in public rather than sitting in a feeding room.”

First spokeswoman Karen Baxter said drivers would be given guidance to prevent similar incidents happening.

She said: “We are aware of the incident that occurred on Tuesday evening and have already expressed our sincere apologies to Miss Wootten for the distress caused as a result of it.

“We have launched an investigation into exactly what happened.

“As a company we accept that breast-feeding mothers have the right to feed their children when they are hungry, and understand that from time to time it may be necessary to do this while travelling on the bus.


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MEPs want to extended maternity leave to 20 weeks fully paid woo hoo

Ok so this is the news that all business’s go oh no about and all mothers say yippee!



As taken from European parliament website 

The committee’s report, drafted by Edite Estrela (S&D, PT) on the health and safety of pregnant workers, was adopted by 19 votes in favour, 13 against and 1 abstentions. The draft legislation seeks to lay down minimum rules at EU level. Member States may introduce or keep existing rules that are more favourable to workers than those laid down in the directive.


Extend maternity leave from 14 to 20 weeks


MEPs proposed that the minimum maternity leave in the EU be extended from 14 to 20 weeks, 6 weeks of which would be taken after childbirth.


In October 2008, the Commission proposed an update of the current directive 92/85/EEC and an extension of minimum maternity leave from 14 to 18 weeks, 6 of which would have to be taken after childbirth.


The maternity leave rules also apply to domestic workers and self-employed workers.


Fully paid


Workers on maternity leave must be paid their full salary, which must be 100% of their last monthly salary or their average monthly salary, argued the committee.


In its draft law, the European Commission recommended the principle of full payment. However, it did not propose making full payment mandatory but simply said it should not be below the rate of sick-leave payments.


Paternity leave


Member States must give fathers the right to fully paid paternity leave of at least two weeks within the period of maternity leave, says the committee report. So far, there is no legislation at EU level on paternity leave.


Member States that have not introduced fully paid paternity leave to be taken by the fathers on a compulsory basis are strongly encouraged to do so.


Leave in specific situations


This legislation on maternity and paternity leave should also apply to parents who adopt a child of less than 12 months old, argued MEPs.


Furthermore, fully paid additional maternity leave should be granted in specific situations such as premature childbirth, children with disabilities, mothers with disabilities, teenage mothers, multiple birth, and births occurring within 18 months of previous births.


Employment rights


The Women’s Rights Committee adopted amendments to ban the dismissal of pregnant workers from the beginning of a pregnancy to at least 6 months following the end of the maternity leave. Dismissal during that period must be formally justified in writing.


MEPs also argue that, after maternity leave, women must be entitled to return to their jobs or to “equivalent posts”, i.e. a position with the same pay, professional category and duties as before.


The committee adds that workers must not be obliged to perform night work or work overtime during the 10 weeks prior to childbirth, during the remainder of the pregnancy in case of health problem of the mother or the unborn child and during the entire period of breastfeeding. Workers wishing to be exempted from night work must inform their employer and submit a medical certificate.


In the Chair: Eva-Britt Svensson (GUE/NGL, SE)

Rapporteur: Edite Estrela (S&D, PT)

Procedure: first-reading

Vote in plenary: March II, Brussels

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The Baby show- Excel this weekend

Sadly i cannot exhibit there this weekend ( i’m 6 weeks away from giving birth myself and can’t take the standing and lugging boxes about- OK i admit it i am a whimp!!) 

Anyways just wanted to let you know it;s happening. It’s at Excel in London and it runs from the 19th Feb (Friday) to the 21st Feb which is sunday. Heres the website link 

There are lots and lots of stands there which are really helpful for new mums or mums to be.  I can highly recommend Bras 4 Mums, i have bought various maternity & nursing under wear from them and they are fab, they also are offering a great bra fitting service at the show, heres the link to their web page for the show

Mamascarf are also exhibiting there, (great product which will be available to but here on our site by mid next week). 

SO many babies and childrens clothing companies are there it will be fantastic.

If anyone goes and they can let me know what its like that would be brilliant. 

Have a great weekend, liz X

breastfeeding help – breastfeeding blog you might wanna check out if into breastfeeding

Ok so i was pretty naive before i started my company up and didn’t actually appreciate that the word Lactivist was referring to a woman who was pro breastfeeding.  Yeah yeah i know i am dumb!

Any hows some ladies feel very strongly about the topic of breastfeeding and it can be a very emotive subject, if you are pro breastfeeding and would like to read up on current issues of the breastfeeding word i strongly recommend 

I might be biased as it is written by a lady who also lives in Bristol (yeah Bristol rocks) , but it is undated on a regular basis and it does cover up to date topics which is alway cool.

Friends Of Ours

Bambino Goodies – fabulous site for babies, kids & parents

There’s not lots of site that keep coming up with consistent gems in regard to new products available for families but i gotta say Bambino Goodies  is one of them.

Every time i check their blog out i always find things that i’d love to own (ok so some of the products are a little on the pricey side, for example i was looking for some funky wallpaper for my new babies room and found this on Bambino Goodies , expensive as they charge by the Sq Metre but when you think of how long it’s gonna be on the wall, in my case a longtime because i hate decorating then it kinda becomes more affordable).

Bambino Goodies covers a whole range of products from childrens clothing ,

Furniture and Decor , Mama’s gear (of which we are very lucky here at Mama Feelsgood to say we have been featured 🙂 )

Seriously go check their site out       there are hundreds of little gems and ideas you’ll want to know.

breastfeeding help

NCT classes

I have to admit i am on baby no 2 and i have never been to a NCT (National Childbirth Trust) class myself, but i have heard a lot of good things about them.

Although they are not free ( i got all confused with the ante – natal classes held by the local midwife and assumed they were NCT but as i found out they weren’t) lots of ladies find them beneficial throughout their pregnancy and after birth too.

Here’s a bit about the trust from their website:

The NCT started in 1956. Since then, we have worked successfully to improve the experience of becoming a parent in the UK.

We are a membership charity with over 100,000 members across the UK. Our strength comes from the dedication of our volunteers, who work through our network of branches to provide and support local services, training and evidence-based information for parents, families and health professionals. We are trusted and respected by health professionals and governments as an organisation that represents the needs of parents.


Here is a link where you can find out more about what the NCT do :


he National Childbirth Trust is the largest and best-known childbirth and parenting charity in Europe and is the leading independent voice on antenatal, birth and postnatal issues in Britain. We provide a range of high quality services at local level and promote the principle of informed choice for women and their partners. Founded over 40 years ago by a woman who believed that the experience of childbirth had to be improved, the NCT today has around 35,000 members and 400 branches throughout the UK.

Within the Cambridge Branch of the NCT, there are many services available to members and non members alike. Support from breastfeeding counsellors; nursing bra fitting; breast pump hire; valley cushion hire; postnatal discussion groups, and nearly new sales are just a few of the services we provide. There is also a network of “Open House” groups through which you can meet other parents in your area.


Benefits include:-

Cambridge Branch Newsletter. This is a quarterly, local publication full of news and information written by Cambridge parents. Keep up to date with local events, groups, organisations and practitioners. We welcome contributions. Why not write up your birth story for us.

Free Text Book. Simply tick the box on your membership application form.

“New Generation” the NCT quarterly, national publication packed full of useful research based articles for parents.

Early Entry to Nearly New Sales. Come at 2pm to enjoy half an hour of shopping before the main doors open at 2.30pm.

Meet other parents, exchange ideas and tips and make new friends at our “Open House” groups or “Bumps, Babies & Beyond.” See your child grow up with their own peer group.

Improve your career opportunities by volunteering for us whilst you are taking a career break.

Subscription Fees help more parents to benefit from the free services the NCT offers. We have breast feeding counsellors, antenatal teachers, an “experiences register,” breast feeding help line (0870 444 8708), information booklets, and maternity sales catalogue.


To Join The NCT

Membership is £39 for the first year and £29 for subsequent years. For couples joining, if only one partner is a tax payer, the tax paying partner should pay the membership fee, and complete the “Charitable Giving Declaration.”

View more details at the: NCT Membership Page

Use the NCT online membership form

Alternatively eMail:


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If your in Barcelona Spain check our nursing tops

Mama Feelsgood have officially gone international, our nursing tops are now available to buy both on-line or in store in Barcelona Spain.

Check out Dikido a fantastic store for babies , toddlers & mums . Seriously they have some super cute baby clothes, so to reduce the shipping costs for our Spanish customers we recommend you buy our nursing tops from them and you can also pick up some cool baby clothes too.

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Dikido are a super cool store which take care in what they sell and always offer the most up to date and funky fashions for both mother and baby so we are well chuffed to have our products sold by them. Totally recommend yo all your Spanish mamas 🙂


“normal” birth after a c-section – what was your experience?

Ok so after having had 1 emergency c-section i am now 9 and a bit weeks off my due date for my 2nd baby and have to consider my options for how i am going to deliver my 2nd baby as i have been giving the choice of having another section.

I must admit my daughters birth (now 5 years ago) was more than an ordeal than i had thought and there is no way i would want to repeat that (24 hours of full on labour after being induced & then emergency section was not fun!) so i was trying to take an educated look at the situation.

I spoke things through with my midwife (although i did get the impression that they don;t really have the time to go through things in great detail) she said as i thought trying to have it via the usually route was the best option and that i would be well looked after to make sure my c – section scar did not rupture….ewwww   that thought is not a nice one! Scenes of the Film Alien spring to mind!

Also i my midwife told me that i wouldn’t have to go through such a long labour as my uterus couldn;t take being labour so long and that they would have made a decision to do a section well before what they did with my first birth.

So all in all i think i am going to go for a wait and see if it comes naturally & if it;s late then i have to have a c-section.

Just wondered if any of you guys had been in the same situation as me? Any advice, to hear what your experience was would be cool.