Disposable breastpads or washable ones?

There is no disbuting there are just some things nursing mothers can’t do without moosive bar of chocolate , foot rub from a hunk  and good breastpads are on of these things. Now i myself am pretty late to the lets get good breast pad party, with both my girls i used disposable ones which seemed to have a life of their own and would wander around under my clothes (sometimes over, being in Tesco express with one stuck to the outside of my top my unusual for me) so i never found the golden brand. But i’ve heard through the grapevine there are some good ones out there. So lets start with the reusable ones:



Apparently they are the softest, they’re leak proof and they don’t show. I have no idea if they actually are (if anyone has used these please let me know and i can add to site  ) but from a totally superficial basis they look cute (they are shaped like hearts).

To quote from their website ”

Bamboobies are the new choice for mothers who want a
washable breast pad that doesn’t leak or show through clothing.  

Bamboo, organic cotton and hemp make these reusable breast pads
the most absorbent and unbelievably soft nursing pads around.

Reviewers have likened them to cashmere sweaters, puppy ears and clouds!”
They come in several different packs with the cheapest being 3 pairs of regular nursing pads and i pair of overnight pads. $29.99 which i guess is about £19 ish. 
I have heard lots of good things about these reusable breast pads, as oppose to be absorbent these pads prevent leaking in the first place (again i haven’t used these myself so if anyone who has wants to get in touch to let us know what they are like please comment below and we will love you forever).
Quoted from their website
“LilyPadz® are the revolutionary alternative to traditional nursing pads combining such unique features as flexibility, breathability, invisibility, and “sticks-to-your-ability” to provide the kind of protection every expectant and nursing mother needs.Whether or not you breastfeed your baby, inconvenient, leaky and let’s admit it, “obvious” nursing pads are the last thing you want to worry about during and after your pregnancy. The special soft, flexible and non-absorbent material in LilyPadz® conforms to your breast for a secure fit, allowing you to wear whatever you like with confidence.Now that you have a choice…
Say goodbye to uncomfortable, unreliable and unattractive nursing bras and pads!”

What i’ve found good is to read some of the reviews on Amazon for these as it’s reviews from women who have used them . You can find some of the reviews HERE.

Now time for the disposable breastfeeding pads:

Lansinoh Disposable Nursing Pads


Now Lansinoh is a brand i personally know and love, their cream was a total life saver when i first started breastfeeding and sorts out your sore boobies and i cannot recommend it highly enough. So what are their breast pads like?

Again i have used Amazon to help me out here , so some of the customer reviews are available here 


They seem to have a cracking review, even one of the worst reviews only wasn’t keen because they were individually wrapped but thought they did their job briliantly.

60 breastpads for £3.99  they seem a real bargain.

There are lots more disposable breastpads, lots of supermarkets dot heir won range and there are varying reviews depending upon brand. Lots of ladies had issues with leakage and like myself wander pads, so maybe it’s trial and error to find the right one for you?

Again pro’s and cons for disposable Vs washable ones – environmental issues washable ones come out top but you’ve got to remember to wash them (some people this is no biggy). Disposable ones cheaper to initially buy but how many are you going to need over the course of your breastfeeding journey? Again are they really cheaper in the long run?

It’s a close one to call, which breastpads did you find the best?


Breastfeeding Fashion

Breastfeeding friendly clothes & Coachella

What would i wear to Coachella festival that was breastfeeding friendly? Although this being said i have no idea what Coachella is like as i’ve never actually been, is it a place for kids to hang out? I’m thinking it’s a bit like the Glastonbury festival is over here. I do know that lots of people find it a mecca for finding new fashions (as well as the music of course!) here in the UK we get little snippets of the festival and they are nearly always about the fashion and which celeb is wearing what.

SO if i was heading off to sunny california i think i would go for our OWL blacknursing tees for the night time / evenings and for the day i’d probably rock with our laid back High 5 nursing shirt . I’m not into dresses at festivals, i went to the reading festival here in the UK way back in the 90’s and a total of 5 days camping can get you in quite a state, i can’t imagine whats it’s like with a baby but i guess this is where breastfeeding would come into it’s own because there are no bottles to keep clean etc. Food on the go !

I’m not too sure how family friendly music festivals are these days? I have gone to a few music festivals pre having children and they were cool but it was all about having a drink and dancing all night, something that i wouldn’t be doing with kids. At the Reading festival and i saw the Red Hot Chilli Peppers who were amazing but they weren’t on stage till way past 10pm and it didn’t stop till gone 1am – so you wouldn’t be taking your young kids to this (well i speak for myself here) . I guess it would have to all about the day time and the experience? I hear Camp besitval is cool and family orientated, the 2012 line up includes The Happy Mondays which i think would always be entertaining ! There are LOADS of kids friendly acts too. Although just looking at their website the tickets are £185 each per adult – ouch. Anyone ever been and know if it’s worth going? Defo looks like a different vibe from Coachella !!! No Dr Dre for a start- now i’ll leave that up to you if thats good or bad!