Breastfeeding Tops

Wanna wear a funky nursing top for halloween – we got you covered

I love halloween so much and it makes it even better when you have children to share it with. I’m going out to get my pumpkins this afternoon and and gonna take great joy in carving them, although what i’m gonna do with the inside is another thing. My imagination is pretty poor when it comes to cooking, so maybe the birds in my area are gonna have a little treat ha ha.

So you want to get into the halloween spirit a little and wear something appropriate? Why not try our Rattle and Hum  nursing graphic T-shirt? OK so it’s not got halloween written all over it but if you look closely you can see some pretty spooky goings on …..

We have it in the DArk GRey long sleeve style as shown above Or also the light grey long sleeve version, or if you prefer your nursing tops to be short sleeve we carry this design in Pink short sleeve

Or also in Dark Grey short sleeve breastfeeding style top.  

There are loads of really funky new breastfeeding tops available for sale on our website  so come and check them out 🙂

Breastfeeding Tops

Nursing tops , breastfeeding clothing now available wholesale

We are super excited to say we are now branching out into suppling our nursing tops to other stores and boutiques in a wholesale capacity. It;s new waters for us as we have always kept it solely to our own stores, but the amount of interest we have had has been truly amazing so we are going for it 🙂

So if you are a retailer yourself and would like to work with us just click here to find our wholesale page, fill it in and we’ll do the rest. 

Because it’s earlier days for us and so far the response has been really good we cannot say yes to everybody but we’ll try! 

Take caRE GUYS, LIZ.

Breastfeeding Tops

Don’t forget to can express breast milk too

I know this sound obvious to some ladies but i wasn’t too clued up on the facts when i had my daughter 4 years ago, and you can express your breastmilk to give to your baby too.

In fact some ladies exclusively express their breast milk and feed their babies that way. So if the act of physically breastfeeding is an issue or if you would like your partner to more involved in feeds etc then expressing is an option for you. You can mix the 2 methods of expressing and breast feeding, ladies just don;t feel that you have to switch to formula because you no longer or can’t breast feed any more. If i had known more about the hiring of the more sturdy kinds of breast pumps i think i would have continued with feeding my baby my own milk in stead of switching to formula.


Here are some good website thats give you lots of information about expressing:

Breastfeeding Tops

breastfeeding at night

So what is a normal pattern for breastfeeding a baby at night? This is the thing i don’t think there is a pattern or a set rule on what should happen. All babies are so different and some babies hardly wake at night whilst others can be up constantly. When i had my daughter i had an emergency c section so i really didn’t recover from that for ages and having to get up in the night to feed her wasn’t only hard work but painful too. So i substituted breastmilk for formula and nursed her myself in the day. I knew this could affect milk production as prolactin the hormone responsible for milk production is released at night and stimulated by night feeding but i was just so drained i needed my husbands help to keep myself sane!

Now i am pregnant with my second baby and i like to think i have learnt a lot from my first experience with breastfeeding , i didn’t even know you could hire the really good electric breast pumps that they have in hospital (i didnt even know there was a pump room in hospital, so they don’t really tell you much!) so i was thinking, this time around i’m going to try and stick with breastfeeding a little longer and try and make sure i give at least one feed per night so my milk production isn’t affected.

I had a look on the baby centre  it’s a really cool [place to get information and they have a section on night breastfeeding, it highlighted another issue with night feeds and that your child can become dependent on night feeds purely for comfort and in order to get to sleep. Wow we have it tough!! It points out that if you co-sleep with your child they are more likely to wake for feeds – i presume because you are right there and available?

The article goes on to say:
Breastfed babies take longer than formula-fed babies to develop a pattern of sleeping through the night. This is because breastmilk is easier to digest than formula milk, so babies get hungry more quickly and wake more often. 

As breastfeeding is comforting as well as nourishing, it doesn’t take long for a baby to make a connection between feeding and sleeping. With a routine of breastfeeding your baby to sleep, he will not know, or want to know, another way of falling asleep

Try a change of routine 

Does this mean that you should never breastfeed your baby to sleep? Of course not. Feeding your baby to sleep is a wonderful experience, but do it once in a while, not every night. One way to approach this is to make the breastfeed a part of your bedtime routine, but do it early, so that your baby doesn’t learn to directly associate that part of his bedtime routine with sleep. 

After you’ve fed your baby, read him a story, sing him a song or change his nappy one last time. If you separate breastfeeding from the act of falling asleep, even by a few minutes, your baby won’t need to feed to fall asleep.

elp him fall asleep on his own 

If he has already formed this sleep association, don’t despair. It’s never too late to start teaching sleep habits. Here are a few ways to get your little one on the road to falling asleep on his own: 

  • Separate breastfeeding from the bedtime routine, feeding him earlier in the evening.
  • Breastfeed at the start of his bedtime routine or decrease the amount of time that you feed him at bedtime.
  • Keep in mind that you need to make these changes only at bedtime. Once your baby starts falling asleep on his own at bedtime, he will begin soothing himself back to sleep at night.


How breastfeeding mums can get more sleep 

To help you get the rest you need, ask your partner to help during the night-time feeds or awakenings. Breastfeeding doesn’t have to, and shouldn’t, make you the only middle-of-the-night parent. 

Instead, consider these alternatives: 

  • Express some milk before you go to bed and your partner can get up with the baby to give him a bottle of expressed milk or formula.
  • Let your partner do the night-time feed while you express in a separate room and then go back to sleep. Expressing some milk may take only 10 minutes, while feeding, changing, and lulling your baby back to sleep can take much longer.

Remember, breastfeeding your baby to sleep can be a wonderful experience, but it may lead to sleep problems in the future. Feel free to feed your baby to sleep in the middle of the night, when both you and he are out of sorts or when it seems like a special moment. 

Just try to avoid making a habit of it so that your b

Breastfeeding Tops

Winter is nearly here and so are our long sleeve nursing tops :)

Blimey it’s getting colder every morning, so you might well be looking in your wardrobes and dragging out your old winter clothes from last year (probably your old pre-pregnancy clothes).

Think they could do with a little spicing up? Do they look bored and tired? Ha ha i’m sounding like one of those adverts for Cillit Bang or CAlgon or something ha ha.

Well what i am getting at is we have just got in store our new collection of graphic print nursing tees in, and yes there are some long sleeve nursing shirts in there 🙂 

So no more cold backs or tummys when you breastfeed, because our funky designed double layer breastfeeding tops keep you covered, all you do is life the top layer up and then whichever side you want to breastfeed from you pull the under layer to one side , pop out your boobie and away you go. 

If the graphic printed breastfeeding shirts aren’t your think we also carry all our shirts in either plain short sleeve nurisng tops or long sleeve plain nursing tops.

Breastfeeding Tops

maternity knickers – under or over the bump, which do you prefer?

I am currently 16 weeks pregnant with my 2nd baby and i swear i my bump is huge already and much bigger then when i had my daughter and you know sometimes you forget what it like to be pregnant when you’re not?

Well i totally forgot what a complete nightmare it is getting comfortable maternity under wear! I mean do the things even exist? 

I don;t want pants that fit under my bump as it’s like cheese wire and cuts in, plus they could be half way down my leg and i wouldn’t notice, so it’s gonna have to be the huge belly warmers that go right over the bump. I have bought 2 pairs from one brand of maternity wear (i won;t name names!) and whilst being comfortable they were £14.99 for 1 pair which i think i wayyyyy to much money. I was purely desperate for some comfort, goodness knows what i’m gonna be like when im 38 weeks pregnant!! Beach ball i think.

So ladies which maternity underwear can you recommend and which style did you find the most comfy?

Breastfeeding Tops

mama Rock nursing top

Thought i would profile each of the nursing shirts over the next couple of weeks, just so if you are interested in why we have chosen these ideas or our way of thinking (which i can assure you sometimes is Very off the wall!).

Here’s our ROck Mama Nursing top 

Its available in Grey and Black and in short sleeve too . So lots lots of choice !

This nursing shirt for us is very 80’s early 90’s inspired, kinda Guns N ROses style, hey a rocker chick kinda tee but for women who wanna breastfeed!

There’s a lot going on in the graphic print which makes it a lot more interesting to look at, and for sure it’s not an in your face shirt which screams “im only wearing this because i,m breastfeeding” ha ha.

Ever since day 1 of launching this website i have had a whole range of emails from women, the majority being thanks so much , the tops give me far more confidence to go out and breastfeed in public, all the way to abusive ones!!  Mama Feelsgood is a clothing line run and created by a woman for women. Yes i have had children of my own (currently pregnant with no 2) and i’m here just to offer a little something that wasn’t available before.

Seems to be that a lot of things in the maternity clothing market especially nursing top / breastfeeding clothes are either kinda old looking or if remotely nice really expensive, so thats why i started Mama Feelsgood, just to provide ladies with another option really. I know at the moment literally all our tops are very causal and this is because of a couple of factors : personally after i had my daughter and now all the time i dress far more casual so it was partially my personal choice, but also as with any new business it’s cost too. Developing a range of clothing is far more expensive than i ever thought!

As time goes on and more people are finding our site i am developing a range of nursing tops that are not solely T-shirts and can offer a sophisticated look too. So this won’t be happening until 2010, but  it’s an exciting development for us.