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Our One Love & Owl breastfeeding tops will be back in the new year 2012 :)

Hey ladies

enjoyable as christmas and the arrival of the 2012 is it messes with my shirt production! So i know some of the shirts are running low in some of the sizes (especially the large in our Owl and One love nursing shirt) but as soon as 2012 is here i will be getting my hands dirty and get back to the printing of these nursing tees. OK i might play with the truth here a little i do get the shirts ready but Paul our printer screens the shirts by hand so technically i’m not getting my hands that dirty; although he has said he will teach me this year but i think i’m being optimistic as Paul has over 20 years experience and he makes things look easy ! But i will try, i totally love seeing the process of our nursing shirts being printed, and i get jibbed about how interesting i think it is, i guess if you;ve been doing the same thing for 20 years it takes something special to rock your boat but to me 3 years in i still love it.

We have one new design which we will be launching in 2012 too, it’s on our short sleeved breastfeeding T-shirt … thats all i will say for now and you will have to wait to see the actual shirt.

We have our New years sale on right now and we have some great bargains so you should check this out , lots of the nursing tops are