New Years Sale - starts not in the new year!

Grab yourself a little piece of delight, our Sale starts this sunday (29th december) and it’s going to be a good one. We have loads of lovely new nursing top coming for 2014 SO this means we have to clear the decks . Happy shopping x


New Years Sale – starts not in the new year!

breast feeding clothes, breastfeeding clothing, Breastfeeding Tops

New Years Nursing Top sale



Happy New Year guys 🙂



 Hope you had a fabulous christmas and New Year was cool ; to make your New Year get off to an even better start we have our Annual Sale so you can catch some major bargains  , loads of great nursing tops at really really cool prices.

Here are some of the tops we have on sale at the moment:

Our Monster Stan nursing top is always a favourite so rather than leaving him out of the sale for a short period we’ve popped him in !

We also have the matching Monster Stan babygrow in the sale too –

Our Maggie long sleeved nursing top is also in the sale for £19.99

Really great comfortable breastfeeding top , really soft and snuggly.

If Owls are your thing then we have plenty of our owl nursing tops in the sale, Above is our funky blue owl nursing top , we also have it in black

Funky owl breastfeeding top in black

Really great laid back tee is our Sunnyvale nursing top.

These are just a small selection of our nursing tops we have in the sale, check out our website for the whole selection.

We hope 2013 brings you everything you want from it

x Liz

breast feeding clothes, Breastfeeding Tops

Our One Love & Owl breastfeeding tops will be back in the new year 2012 :)

Hey ladies

enjoyable as christmas and the arrival of the 2012 is it messes with my shirt production! So i know some of the shirts are running low in some of the sizes (especially the large in our Owl and One love nursing shirt) but as soon as 2012 is here i will be getting my hands dirty and get back to the printing of these nursing tees. OK i might play with the truth here a little i do get the shirts ready but Paul our printer screens the shirts by hand so technically i’m not getting my hands that dirty; although he has said he will teach me this year but i think i’m being optimistic as Paul has over 20 years experience and he makes things look easy ! But i will try, i totally love seeing the process of our nursing shirts being printed, and i get jibbed about how interesting i think it is, i guess if you;ve been doing the same thing for 20 years it takes something special to rock your boat but to me 3 years in i still love it.

We have one new design which we will be launching in 2012 too, it’s on our short sleeved breastfeeding T-shirt … thats all i will say for now and you will have to wait to see the actual shirt.

We have our New years sale on right now and we have some great bargains so you should check this out , lots of the nursing tops are

breastfeeding clothing, Breastfeeding Tops, Nursing Tops

SALE – Money Penny breastfeeding tops are on sale this bank holiday

Happy bank holiday guys, grab yourself a fabulous breastfeeding top for a really really good price.

Our Money Penny breastfeeding tops are super easy to nurse in, just lift the specially designed panel at the empire line, lift up and feed. Great thing is you can’t really see the nursing panel whilst wearing the dress so when you stop breastfeeding in the future you can continue to wear the dress. It’s an addition to your overall wardrobe not just your maternity one!

Money Penny breastfeeding top black

Our nursing tops are available in either black or purple colours.

Money Penny breastfeeding top purple

They are going to taken off sale next week so grab one for a better price whilst you can 🙂

breast feeding clothes, Breastfeeding Tops, nursing dress, Nursing Tops

Our breastfeeding top Sale continues :)

Thanks ladies for such a good response to our new years sale, lots of people grabbing up great bargains, they really are lovely tops for breastfeeding and would make a lovely presents hint hint ha ha!

We are going to continue the sale for the whole of January basically because we are introducing some new nursing graphic shirt designs soon and so are selling off the older designs to make way for the new. It’s kinda like our big clear out sale. We ahve our new nursing dresses here soon along with our new long sleeve breastfeeding blouse so good times:)

I am planning to do our photo shoot for these the end of January and also a little something else which i will keep as a surprise for you but it will make purchasing our breastfeeding clothes a lot easier!

Here’s some of our graphic nursing tees which are on sale:

Lips nursing T-shirt

Our Lips nursing tee is only £15.99 down from £19.99, really nice shirt at a great price.

Music sounds better nursing shirt

This long sleeve nursing shirt is a steal at £11.99, reduced from £21.99 , great shirt fabtantastic price!! ha ha

Breastfeeding Tops

Our Sale Starts Tomorrow 27th December

We are going to having a big near year sale (i say new year but i am starting this tomorrow the 27th december so we can get in before the VAT increase!)

Check out our big reductions at Mama lots of breastfeeding shirts on sale and many at 50% or more off.

Now’s your chance to stock up on major bargains.

Starts 10am tomorrow!

Breastfeeding Tops

Check out our Breastfeeding Tee Sale

Check out our breastfeeding tee sale, all short sleeve maternity T-shirts are now on-sale, starts 6pm tonight. So catch a bargain while you can!! We do ship worldwide, and we ship per order not per item, so maybe share postage with a friend to make the most of our shipping rates………….

It’s pretty gross here weather wise in the UK so cheer yourself up with one of our funky breastfeeding tees.